Single origin Coffee

 If you are looking por good Costa rican coffee El Toledo Coffee plantation can send it straight from the farm. 

Drinking Costa Rican coffee is not that difficult anymore. But finding the right source could be the key to drink a special product and make sure you are not only enjoying it but knowing that you are supporting the right thing. Coffee is grown in many ways. Proccess very different from place to place. So if you can know more about the farming methods and ethics of the product you are drinking that can give you an idea if that one kind is what you want. 

There are coffees grown in the best way, humble people, go practices with the environment, but nobody knows of it. That can be the coffee you are drinking right now. 

But also, there are very harmful effects to the environment and nature depending of how the coffee is grown or processed. But marketed the best way so people pay a lot of money for it. 

The money you pay for your coffee is not what makes any of the difference. As farmers, procesers and roasters in the very small way we can warranty that the information you can get when researching about what you drink is what can make you understand if it is the right choice. Not the information provided for marketing. 

So next time. Please, research more. 

Good costarrican coffee is the always there. But good products from humble farmers are always there waiting for the support they need. 

A good choice based on research when buying a product is even more important than buying expensive products. 

How much of what you pay for really reached farmers.

If you bought our on-line products. Coffee in specific our family gets 40% any idea of what it means?

Packaging, roasting energy, labels, transportation and shipping. Bank transfers and taxes. Takes 60%

When most farmers get 5% or less of what people pay for. We feel supported When people buy directly. 

When farmers get a support for what they do they do more for working in a responsible way with nature and the environment. 

We can't say we can be able to take care of nature without the support of who buys our products. 

Thanks very much

A family business that wants to remain supplying you with our efforts. 

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