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El Toledo Coffee farm Stay  A family project to connect with travelers who are pationed about coffee and travel of the bitten path.  Host family  If you are considering Staying in our place over night, our family will do the best to give you a comfortable stay. Our place is humble but built in a way that people enjoy the view to the mountains as they can stay a night or more on a coffee family farm! !  A-frame  The twins: Views  This is a very good option if were interested in our coffee tour or wine tour as well. Those are our main attraction here. Also, there is a cousin who does a very nice hike with a unique food place that will satisfy you if you are a natural person and want to experience some really authentic Costa Rican culture.  Rooms available right now: $30 Container Home  not breakfast included because it has a kitchen set up.  $30 The twins:  one person:$20 two people:$30 with breakfast included.  To be available by February 2023  room: With breakfast included: $40 The A f

$30 Container home, $10 the aditional night!

View On Airbnb Container Home on a peaceful & tranquil coffeefarm We'll be happy to host you in our humble place.  Long Tail Manakin home.  This is located in the heart of the farm. Built in with recicle shipping container and materials.  This container home is a tiny house design with the comfortable and cozy feeling.  This is a Container Home on a coffee farm designed to give guests a peaceful place to relax. Guests will experience a Humble & a sustainable environment. The place has the basics, humble, & located in a very beautiful mountain site of Atenas. Disigned with Lots of Windows to allow natural light so you can enjoy the view at night or day. Solar power system to power the basics to enjoy the coffee farm stay. Where you can also book one of our coffee tours or our unique coffee wine experience. Sustainable living, of the grid on electricity power. Solar system  provides a limited energy production enough for a fridge,  and some appliance on

$20 The Twins, with breakfast

View On Airbnb Economic bed & breakfast on family coffee Farm.  The Twins are two separated and privated single bedrooms that are located on top of our container home! Each has a private room with a single bed and a private bathroom. With a balcony to enjoy the view.  They are available with breakfast included for $20 a night per person  These are the most economic stays we have. They were built by our family in order to be able to provide an economic stay and increase the jobs on the farm for our whole family.  These are still in construction. They'll be available in for the end of november  One person:$20 two people:$30 with breakfast included.  Capacity: 2 people in each twin. One single sofa-bed, and one single bed. In each twin.  Single twins available on Airbnb: Single twins 1 available on Airbnb View On Airbnb Economic bed & breakfast on family coffee Farm.

$40 El Toledo A frame Glamping with breakfast

View On Airbnb A-frame bed & breakfast on organic coffee farm  El Toledo A frame Glamping is a private room with a gorgeous view. The Room is totally private. And counts with 3 beds: a double bed and a single bed on the same room in the second floor, the access is with a letter. And a inflatable mattress on the first floor. Private bathroom in the first floor! $40 Per couple + $10 per extra person Capacity: 5 people  Two people on double bed on the upstairs, access with a letter.  One single bed inflatable mattress on the upstairs too.  Two people on double bed : sofa-bed in the first floor: living room.  Breakfast included and access to a coffee bar.  It is actually in construction would be ready for February 2023, so keep in touch to know our availability. Page updated on December 10th 2022 Reservation on Airbnb: A-frame on Airbnb View On Airbnb A-frame bed & breakfast on organic coffee farm

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Not available for now  El Toledo House This is a house for rent in the middle of the coffee farm. It is fully furnished Off-gree electric system that makes it in harmony with the environment View from inside Kitchen Rates: under booking More info

What to do in Atenas?

What to do in Atenas?  In this page you will find things to do in Atenas from my experience. Welcome to Atenas, my name is Gabriel Calderon V. I live in Atenas since I was born Let me tell you what you can find in Atenas, my native town! Let's start with acomodations! Infrastructure in atenas is good, we have plenty of Restaurants; we can spend one week eating in different places and we will never be tired of having the same! Hotels; we have many places to stay, not very big hotels (who want to be in a big hotel anyway, you can not find the real costa rica there) but very nice places where you can enjoy spending a night or weeks! sports centers, are you good at working out? there are gyms, soccer fields, swiming pools etc. CATUCA is our local turist and comerce center! they help a lot the town to go forward, helping with ferias, festivals, organicing the people in such a wonderful way to keep everybody working for only one purpose, keek atenas being

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