Thursday, September 28, 2017

$40 Tiny Tucán house

The Tiny Tucán House

Built in with the porpoise of providing an oportunity to visitors of the tour to stay overnight.
This tiny house is about 30 square metters. Tiny but cosy. You have two beds, where to cook, fridge, bathroom. Every thing you need to stay comfortable! 

You'll be really close to our coffee roasters, and process area. An immersion to a coffee farm living experience. 

Great views can make it a unique experience! The mountains of Los Altos are waiting for you!!

Whole furnished!  

$40 one night for two people. 

Transportation from airport can be arranged for $46


Take a look at the Availability in the next calendar: if it is blue it is busy, if not, it is available for you! 

Do you want to know how it feels like to be waken up by a ruster?

You have access to all the accommodation we have, also the ranch where we roast our beans! AND all the coffee you want to brew in the cabin!

The cabins have everything you need to Stay, you only need to bring your own traveling things and food! you can cook, there is a refrigerator, there are kitchen tools! etc!

More info, get in touch with us!
(506) 8711-1221
Pictures of The Tucan house for Rent
This is a tiny house 30 metters from the coffee roasters!

This tiny house has WiFi

Or check out: El Toledo Coffee house

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