Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to El Toledo coffee Farm Lodging

Are you trying to find a local house to stay?
Stay in the comfort of a tranquil family farm. Not luxury but a lot of natural beauty!

It's only 7k to Atenas town, there is bus service very often!
bus cost like 500 colones and taxi cost like 4000! bus driven time is about 30 minuts, taxi driven time it's about 10 minutes!
These are two echo house built in harmony with the surrounding!

Great views can make it a unique experience! The mountains of Los Altos are waiting for you!!

Whole furnished! 

The rate is $500 a month!
$300 for two weeks 
$180 one week

And $50 one night for two people with breakfast. 
Breakfast included only in night booking
Transportation from airport can be arranged for $46


Take a look at the Availability of the house in the next calendar: if it is blue it is busy, if not, it is available for you!

Do you want to know how it feels like to be waken up by a ruster?
This is the only thing can disturb you! but, it's farmers life!

Our cabins count with one room with 2 beds, one kitchen, bathroom and porch! you have access to all the accommodation we have, also the ranch where we roast our beans! AND all the coffee you want to brew in the cabin!

The cabins have everything you need to Stay, you only need to bring your own traveling things and food! you can cook, there is a refrigerator, there are kitchen tools! etc!

More info, get in touch with us!
(506) 8711-1221

More pictures:
Privite cabin! closest house is 100 metters:
Pictures of El Toledo House for Rent
This is a small house in the middle of the farm.
House above is rented and will be available on may.

Next is availabe according calendar.

Pictures of The Tucan house for Rent
This is a tiny house 30 metters from the coffee roasters!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

See more of El Toledo House

El Toledo House
This is a house for rent in the middle of the coffee farm.
It is fully furnished
Off-gree electric system that makes it in harmony with the environment

View from inside


Rates: under booking
More info

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What to do in Atenas?

What to do in Atenas? 
In this page you will find things to do in Atenas from my experience.

Welcome to Atenas, my name is Gabriel Calderon V.
I live in Atenas since I was born

Let me tell you what you can find in Atenas, my native town!

Let's start with acomodations!
celebrate your life

Infrastructure in atenas is good, we have plenty of Restaurants; we can spend one week eating in different places and we will never be tired of having the same! Hotels; we have many places to stay, not very big hotels (who want to be in a big hotel anyway, you can not find the real costa rica there) but very nice places where you can enjoy spending a night or weeks! sports centers, are you good at working out? there are gyms, soccer fields, swiming pools etc.

CATUCA is our local turist and comerce center! they help a lot the town to go forward, helping with ferias, festivals, organicing the people in such a wonderful way to keep everybody working for only one purpose, keek atenas being the best climate for its people!



El toledo Coffee
I grew up in a Coffee farm, now it's an organic coffee farm,We are proccesing our beans and doing Coffee tours, this is the picture with my wife and our coffee:
Want to know more about coffee? Go to: El Toledo Coffee Tour

Do you want to learn Spanish?
There are Spanish Schools if you are interested in learning from profetional in the spanish teaching programs! Spanish and Fun is one of them! Spanish Immersion! Su Espacio, the comunity center in from of the gas station is one of them, too!

I want to hear your opinion! let me know what you want to find here!

  1. Hiking!
  2.  Mountain biking is getting popular among locals. But I don't recommend this at least that you have enough endurance for steep hills!
  3. Horse back Riding!
  4. Knowing about sugar cane mills! Old fashioned way
  5. Learning about culture
  6. Living with locals! Guest Houses
  7. Visiting Nursery Homes!
  8. Visiting orfanage!
  9. What about visiting A water fall! In atenas? yes!
  10. Be a Volunteer cleaning Rivers!
  11. Be a Volunteer at the schools!
  12. Be Volunteer at women orquid organization!
  13. Visiting Hydroponic growing vegtable garden!
  14. Being a volunteer in an organic coffee plantation!
  15. Hiking through the mountains!
  16. Looking at a very old train bridge and its canyon! 

  Send me a email if you want to know more about what Atenas has!

There is also a news paper on line you can get called Atenas Today! it's a Pdf file, easy to read!it's also very easy to find!

Provably in another post I'll talk about what you can find close to Atenas so you can know you can use our town to stay while visiting different and interesting places, but this is what you can find in most of the pages or websites! so, let's just talk about Atenas!